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Pablo Jurado Ruiz

Pablo Jurado Ruiz

Artist Pablo Jurado Ruiz, born in Málaga, Spain in 1973.
His work is characterized by portraits of great expressiveness and highly detailed. With a style close to realism, combined with neo-impressionist. Pablo tells stories deeply rooted in his soul, metaphors of his own vital experience and his surroundings. His creative concept is mainly based on the human expression furnished with keen and delicate details. Pablo speaks of the deepest feelings in a metaphorical way as if it were a dream, a glance, a gesture or a scene. And regardless the added difficulties he paints children; children whose faces flawlessly express what he as an artist wants to convey: “My own vision reflected in childhood, the most important period in life, when your being that will accompany us the rest of our lives is formed”.

His formal artistic training includes the School of Arts and Crafts in Málaga and a bachelor of arts in graphic design and advertising at the School of Techniques and Methods of Design of Málaga.
It is in this period when he begins to work with various techniques. He draws with pencil and ink, he paints with acrylic, oil, watercolour, on paper, canvas, table, etc. His curiosity causes him to continuously experiment and express himself through comics, posters, even audio-visuals. As a child Pablo recalls spending endless hours at his grandfather’s studio observing how he, an impressionist painter, brought paintings to life. “I scribbled figures on papers and tried to imitate him staining a small canvas he always kept for me. At times I would read comics that he also kept for me and created my own ones”.

Pablo believes that life keeps placing him in front of forms and circumstances from which he attains inspiration. This is how, being barely twenty years old, the opportunity to travel to Anchorage (Alaska) arises and thus his first real foray into the art world. For the first time, he paints large paintings, combining various techniques. This trip changes radically both his personal and artistic life, it is a fundamental growth which expands his vision in every way.

So when he returns to Málaga after a period of time, although Mediterranean light and culture always captivates him and accompany him everywhere, he feels again the need to depart. This time fate brings him to Manchester (England), where he paints murals and begins working with photography. When he returns to Spain, he settles in Madrid. Through almost a decade he develops and works more intensively on photography and inspired from the visual language of black and white, he takes up again the paper and the ink, a format which allows him to convey his ideas in a more clear and dramatic way. His work is held in private art collections in China.