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Gilles Grimon

Gilles Grimon

Gilles Grimon was born in Paris. He has been a successfull free lance illustrator and has worked for the main french weeklies as much as advertising and edition, before he decided to explore painting. He now lives in Provence after a long stay in London and Milan.

Exhibitions :

2015 « Couleur et illusion » Galerie de l’Ecu de France (Viroflay), Werkkunst Galerie (Berlin)

2014 Berliner Liste, Postbahnhof (Berlin)

2013 Mac Paris, Prévôt (Cavaillon)

2012 Mac Paris, Balades d’art contemporain de Cavaillon, Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs (Gordes)

2011 Balades d’art contemporain de Cavaillon

2010 la Galarié (Lauris)

2008 Galerie Rosenberg (Milan), Fondation Giorgio Gubbi (Ancona)